SISTERS TATTOO & ART EXPO weekend on the 1st + 2nd February 2020 brings you a very rare event

of several international female tattoo artists live tattooing. The whole event focuses on Tattoo Art and the women who make it, There are hundreds of Tattoo events all over the world but by inviting only female artists and trying to highlight the "Art"aspect and housing the convention at a museum we hope to make an event a bit different to the norm.

And we did! 2019 event was extremely successful! All 30+ artists were making great tattoos all weekend which attracted a very wide ranged public from kids to senior citizens, people full of tattoos and people with no tattoos in a very relaxed atmosphere! No loud music or loud speakers or shows, no competitions or lengthy prize winners and announcements just a laid back museum of culture filled with the buzzing of tattoos and art. 

  This is your chance to get Tattooed by some of Europe's best tattoo artists or just come and watch this art being made live by some of Europe's most talented artists and maybe pick up some ideas for your next or first tattoo. You can come and meet the artists and have a chat with them and maybe even discuss a future tattoo date, or make a booking in advance and be one of the first people to get Tattooed at Lunds Kulturen. Or take a look through their designs and get a Tattoo there and then! The artists are spread out in 2 parts of the museum in among museum artifacts in very special surroundings unlike any other Tattoo event.

Some of the artists will also be exhibiting their own art on paper and canvas and most of this art can be purchased directly from the artist. These art pieces will be exhibited throughout the 3 main areas of the expo.  All this at the most amazing venue probably ever used for this kind of event "Lund's Kulturen" An indoor and outdoor cultural museum which will be open all weekend and included in the entrance fee. A great day out for all ages and backgrounds even if you have no tattoos or just thinking about getting your first one. 

Are you a Tattoo Artist who wants to get involved or have a market stall...just get in touch.